I'm a 5'7" curvy thick big booty latina in the So Cal area near LA. Hubby and I enjoy going out to adult shops; local bars;

night clubs; and strip clubs. Hubby and I enjoy going out so I can show off my curves dressed in short tight mini skirts that

barely cover my big booty along with a pair of fuck-me high heels, and tops that show off my luscious 38d's.

So make sure to check out my videos that we've compiled that shows my adventures when hubby and I are out.


Video Set 1

Video Set 2

Video Set 3

Video Set 4


$10 per video or $40 for an entire set.


In the email or note section of your payment, include only the

video # or Set # you would like to purchase.

For example - "Video #6 or Video Set 1"


Once your payment is received, you will receive the link to download the videos.


Use Square Cash Or Google Wallet to send money.

When using either systems, payment should be sent to




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