I'm a 5'7" curvy thick big booty  latina in the So Cal in LA. Hubby and I enjoy going out to adult shops; local bars; night clubs;

strip clubs, and swing clubs. I enjoy going out and showing off my curves dressed in short tight mini skirts that barely cover my big booty

along with a pair of 6' or 7" fuck-me high heels, and tops that show off my luscious 38d's. To receive updates on where hubby and I will be out & about in

the LA area, just sign up for our mailing list, and follow us on Twitter. You can also check out some of my photos on the social site below.


The places we go to more often are:

The Red Panty Adult Store;  X-Spot Adult Store; Club BounceClub Taboo - Swing Club; Playpen - Strip Club




About a year ago we stopped meeting guys one-on-one. We stopped because we'd get too many requests, and then guys flaked on us.

It was very frustrating. Many of you have asked for hubby and I to bring back the meets, even if it's just to meet and talk. So for now we are

meeting select guys for quick meets, but in order to avoid flakes, we added the pre-paid donation part of $40 via Paypal. Or cash is still

welcome if you promise not to flake, but you must provide your mobile phone number, so if you do flake, we will not be able to set up future

meetings. Of course these meetings don't include sex. We are only available during the evenings only, and for about 20 mins meets.

We live in Norwalk, CA, near the 5 & 605 fwy.






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